8 thoughts on “Lenore Latimer Postscript

  1. Lenore inspired many many people throughout her life. And with a genuine heart. So many of us will remember her lovingly forever.

  2. i have had the honor and pleasure of knowing lenore for more than half a century starting when we were students at juilliard. i have lived in europe most of my life afterwards and one of the joys of coming to nyc each summer was to visit with lenore. we always had so much to chat about. she was alway open and sensitive to her own self and to those around her. that she faced the end with some much wisdon and courage should an example to us all. i miss her already…. but hope that where ever she is now, she knows how much she meant to me and us all.

  3. I was a colleague of Lenore’s at Bard College for thirty-two years, and when I was directed to your blog and your writing about Lenore I was extremely moved. She was by all measures a remarkable woman, remarkable teacher, dancer, and gifted choreographer. The Dance Program of Bard College is planning an event in November to celebrate her life and work, and I would love to be in touch with you regarding this event. At the very least, you and others who knew her are invited. The picture you included with your writing is remarkable, and if at all possible we would love to be able to show it at the ceremony. If you are able and willing to help in any way, please feel free to contact me. Thank you so much.

  4. I studied Limon technique with Lenore at the Clark Center in NYC for a number of years – and it was the deepest dancing I ever did. The accompaniment she chose and
    the way she conducted the class made it like a meditation. Lenore was always appreciative of the effort that people brought to class – She wanted all you had –
    but never got in the way of how you experienced dance. I will remember
    her fondly
    Roni Gross

  5. I am just finding this writing four years later. I was wondering what happened to Lenore. I am sad to hear of her passing but glad to hear she went with such dignity and grace. Dignity, grace and humor were such parts of her. as I remember her from days of studying with her at Connecticut College. I loved her Limon classes and the way she unfurled like a beautiful, graceful bird to demonstrate to us. She made a point to know all of our names and one felt seen by her no matter what one’s ability level. She was one of my favorite dance teachers of all time. Her grace and style were unforgetable.

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